Oil Leak Questions

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I have a '95 90 Quattro and also have had oil leak problems, but not of the
same type as yours (maybe).  These may not help, but have been my

1) I have 123,000mi on the car. and have had no problems with either the
valve cover or head gaskets leaking.  The top of the motor is quite dry. A
compression leak down test will help determine if your head gasket is

2) I did have a leaky steering rack that gave the car a wonderful stench.
The oil would blow back right onto the exhaust in front of the drivers side
cat. Are you using power steering fluid?

3) My passenger side cat went at about 70,000km. It had shaken itself loose
and worn its way into a little ball that subsequently blocked the system.  I
had the same happen on my '84 CoupeGT and think this problem is pretty
common (other experiences anyone?).  I would doubt that a cat would be
replaced due to a leaky head gasket, especially if it handily passes
emissions tests.

4) I also had a leak on the oil warmer that sits as part of the oil filter
housing.  This had the same effect as the steering rack leak.  A quick
tightening solved the problem.

I would say the best advice is from the third guy.  Clean the engine off and
do some digging with a service mirror and a good flashlight.  That is really
the best way to troubleshoot your problem.

Tim Crift

timofej.crift at att.net

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I have a nagging question about my 1995 90 (128,000 km) Quattro and I'm
looking for some advice.

Before purchasing the car last Summer I took it to the only Audi dealer
within a reasonable drive (Kitchener, Ontario) to have it inspected. They
were less than helpful, providing very limited feedback and I had to ask
direct questions to extract useful information re: the car. They neglected
to report on items I had specifically requested and dismissed my questions
as trivial. For this I paid them $150.  Enough said.

Among a couple of minor problems, I was told that there was an oil leak at
the valve covers. I bought the car (my first Audi) and I love it. The odour
of very hot motor oil that comes from under the hood does concern me,
although the oil consumption is quite moderate, as judged by this novice
(1/2 to 3/4 litres in 5,000 km).

I took the car in for some minor work and to check out a local, independent
Audi mechanic who comes highly recommended. I asked him to look at the leak.
He says that it is the head gasket and that it should be dealt with ASAP. He
also said that one of the cat's has been replaced and that is often an
indication of a head gasket problem causing fouling. This, along with the
timing belt and water pump replacement is going to cost $1,200+ Canadian. My
current level of debt being what it is, I am concerned, but if it has to be
done, the car is well worth it and I'll worry about the money later.

I wanted a third opinion and took it to a local non-Audi shop. I was told
there was a very slight leak near the rear of the engine and not to worry.,
but that I'd need to clean the engine and then look for leaks to be certain.
This fellow runs a 1-man shop and I see him as honest and competent, within
his limited (domestic) experience. I have to believe that he can see a
problem oil leak, even on an unfamiliar engine.

HELP!!! Who is a poor schlep to believe?? Do I need a fourth opinion? Do I
just pay the price to get the peace of mind I need? My ignorance and lack of
resources has me in a quandary.

As always, the help is appreciated.

Mr. Greville H. Bowles
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