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Brady Moffatt bradym at sympatico.ca
Mon Mar 18 14:14:20 EST 2002

Well, no ax or track experience in my 4kq, but a couple of observations anyways. When I go out to play in the snow, I put it in position 2. The whole driveline gets a lot tighter, even more so than in position 1. In low traction conditions you can kick the tail out and rotate the car nicely, though. My theory of Audi's warnings about low speed only use of pos 2, and to a lesser extent pos 1, is that it's the braking that gets interesting. Tough to modulate since the back wheels are forced to spin at exactly the same speed in pos 2.

My suggestion is to try it in 2 in lower traction conditions. In the dry, without any extra HP, it will push badly, so pos 0 would likely be better. I can see no advantage to pos 1 (though there may be one!) in a competition environment.

My $0.02CDN.

Brady Moffatt
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
86 4ksq, 283,000km
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  Any advice by more experienced 4kq drivers?  How do all of you run on road race tracks with your track 4kq's? Is it an advantage to put the quattro system in position one? on a dry race track, in the wet?

  Elliott Bavely

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