A6 Quattro Sunroof problem

Steve Kramer skramer at mac.com
Mon Mar 18 22:34:24 EST 2002

Well, temporarily the first thing would be to close the sunroof winch cover
and hand crank the sunroof back to a closed position.

Within your A6 manual is an illustration on how to pop off the cover.  It is
pretty easy once you find the allen wrench piece - otherwise if it's missing
I would get a metric set of wrenches to get the proper size.

Had this happen to me with my 98 a6 avant over christmas where I mistakenly
turn the knob and the sunroof opened and could not get it to close - in 20
degree weather.

Steve Kramer
90 V8 q
00 A6 avant q

From: "D. St. James" <renne2001 at toast.net>
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 21:00:15 -0600
To: <quattro at audifans.com>
Subject: Re: A6 Quattro Sunroof problem

Has anyone had the sunroof retract all the way when the battery discharges
to a certain point? I understand from an independant Audi technician that
the roof is supposed to go back to the closed position once the battery is
charged again. Wish it were true. I have a bad amp in my stereo system - it
was draining the battery overnight so I have had this happen a couple of
times - always at inconvenient times. :<  I disconnected the bad amp, but
forgot to tell the stereo place not to reconnect it to my new radio. Big
mistake. I now have a blanket draped over the roof and fastened down by the
closed doors and the car is in my garage. So you would think that would be
OK except there is a 40lb raccoon who lives out there and has aspirations to
become  a wolverine. I know she would love to use this setup as a
trampoline. She actually has eaten bullets (just the lead part), she thrives
on anti-freeze (she knocked over the bottle - not me). I think she may just
be getting her tooth set for some tender Audi leather so you can understand
my desire for haste AND as luck would have it, both the Audi techs at the
shop I go to are on vacation. Does anyone have any advice?
Thanks from the semi-frozen Midwest.

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