NPC (NAC too)

Huw Powell human747 at
Wed Mar 20 14:50:49 EST 2002

> > Except, Huw, this absorbed energy replaces fossil fuel energy which would
> > have been liberated into the environment _in addition to_ the absorbed
> > solar energy which strikes the earth's surface anyway.  The end result will
> > be a lower amount of energy released on the earth's surface and therefore
> > some degree of lowered temperature as a result.
> Lotsa nice shade, too.  Yup, solar and wind are the answers.  Every
> high point in sight will be festooned with windmills; but no problem--
> under all the solar panels, ya won't even see the sky, much less the
> mountains.  Thank you, tree huggers!

Or we could try conservation... hiding all the views so people can
operate 2 ton solo vehicles seems a bit silly... thank you, gas

Huw Powell

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