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George Butler gwbutler at
Wed Mar 20 15:46:01 EST 2002

Hello all,

I need to pick the collective brain of the list on what may be a question with a fairly obvious answer...

The scenario:

After putting a boneyard engine (88 5ksq, w/75k supposedly certified miles) into my son's 88 5ksq he's noticed that the car was lacking the power of his old engine.  I told him that, until I could get the weather/time to go through it, to start using fuel injector cleaner every other fill up...which I'm sure he did for the first month.  The performance did increase very slightly (placebo effect I think) afterward.  Early last week he told me that he had put a tank full of 93 octane in it and that it [engine] suddenly had "unbelievable" power.  He's continued to use high test and is getting great results!

The question:

What would be askew with the engine to prevent it from getting adequate performance with a slightly lower octane rating?  TIA


George B.
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