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Burl Vibert blur at sympatico.ca
Thu Mar 21 18:11:57 EST 2002

l.leung at juno.com wrote:

> seems to hold up better over the long run than the lightweight Z's, which >took the Colin Chapman approach to engineering. Great for performance, but >tough for a street car. Unfortunately, I've never DRIVEN an early Z car, the >only ones to ever show up at autocrosses were always less than agressively >driven, so I have no idea of their actual potential. 

Hi Larry

The Z cars are VERY capable when prepared and driven right.  Several
years ago a friend of mine set FTD at every autocross he competed in
with his 240Z.  Of course it was bored and stroked to 3.0 litres,
triple webers, blah, blah, blah. He's now playing around with a 400+hp
300ZXtt.  His brother, in my class, won as well with a 280Z.  They are
both excellent drivers BTW.

Here's an example, although the whole season was pretty much like

Burl Vibert
1987 5kcstq     (autocrossed once)
1983 Audi Coupe (autocrossed once)
Kingston, Ontario

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