Drive shaft repair/relacement

Andrew Duane USG duane at
Fri Mar 22 13:16:57 EST 2002

Hairy green toads from Mars made schurz at say:

> 1989 Audi 200 Quattro
> I have determined there is something wrong with my drive shaft.
> There is a clanking sound when in reverse that comes from the drive
> shaft.  I have checked the universal joint in the middle and it is
> tight.  If I repeatedly press on the forward edge of the forward drive
> tube there is a clanking sound coming from the middle of the same drive
> tube.  Very strange!!  Something is loose.
> I have been quoted a price of $760 for a new unit from Carlsen Audi.
> Does anyone know of a less expensive source for a new unit??

No, that is actually a VERY good price.

> I am also pursuing replacement/repair through a drive line shop.
> Does anyone have any experience having an Audi drive shaft
> repaired/rebuilt at a drive line shop??

You don't say where you are.... but my Q-head mechanic can rebuild
them quite well. He did an excellent job rebuilding the CV joints
at the end of our old 90Q20V. He's in southern/central NH.


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