The Miss

Mark Woodland markwoodland at
Mon Mar 25 12:30:08 EST 2002

After tracing a miss-at idle (#4) to a bad injector (or so I thought) I 
replaced all 5. (#4 did not spray at all at idle, while 1,2,3 and 5 did. It 
started to piss out one side.. nasty pattern, with about 1" of metering 
plate lift, and bwcame a full (but rough) pattern from midrange to WOT)
After replacing the injectors, the idle speed to 15/1800 rpms miss is still 
Compression is close to 100 PSI on all 5 cylinders, and spark is present.
I haven't pulled #4 back out, but it leads me to believe that the problem is 
probably in the metering/distribution head of the FI unit.
The miss on #4 started after 3 back-to-back treatments with Techron.
Am I doomed to replacing the whole metering/distribution head, the whole 
"box" or am I overlooking something?
Hoping for the best/fearing the worst,
Mark Woodland

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