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Again I feel the need to install a lift in my 1 car garage to do this work
I hope that the cluster is a non issue.  I was talking with a fella from a
car service place I take the V8 and I told him of the symptoms of my
problems as i will explain to you.

- Secondary fan goes on with a/c - fusible link is ok.
- Radiator temp levels if car is at idle when car is warmed up will go past
middle to below 3/4 hash mark

- I remarked that someone has said the cluster was getting squirrely when
both the coolant guage and fuel guage go dead intermittently.

He said - ah ha, there is a voltage resistor that adjusts the voltage of
these 2 gauges.  Besides that the cluster works fine.

So I would hope that everything else on the cluster is in working order as
opposed to my 200 where the display would do strange things with the turn
signal lights and the headlights.

However, the second owner and/or someone has been behind the dash as the
dial which controls the illumination levels has been disconnected or is
busted - perhaps this may have a connection to the lack of interior lights
turning off.  - still haven't found anyone on the list who can tell me where
the interior light relay is.

The mystery continues - god I love older audi's!!!! sort of like owning a
Harley - except you can drive it in the snow.

Steve Kramer
1990 v8q

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Subject: Cluster

I almost forgot about the instrument cluster. Are you sure your secondary
fan circuit is bad? You should have it tested it before you spend a bunch of
money on an instrument cluster.

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