Is there a K25 turbo?

Tony Lum tlum at
Mon Mar 25 15:35:36 EST 2002

Hi gang,

Is there such a thing as a "K25" turbo?

My mechanic has built a turbo modeled after a K24 he just installed into my 
'87 5kcstq (124K, 1.8 bar) and I just took a ride in his '86 5kcstq (200K, 
1.8 bar).  In the short time and distance I rode in the car, he had it up 
6000 rpm and it felt pretty damn fast.  I joking referred to it as a "K25" 

What's a good way to evaluate something like this objectively?  So far the 
turbo's holding together and he basically drives like a maniac compared to 
me.  BTW he's a Porsche and Audi mechanic (German Motorsports, Fremont, CA) 
and routinely rebuilds (balancing sourced outside) turbos.


- Tony
lots of I-5 Audis

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