Stebro [was: 4kq Exhaust time]

Huw Powell human747 at
Tue Mar 26 00:42:42 EST 2002

> > On a related note, I emailed 2Bennett about their stainless 3" catback for
> > turbo 4kq's, asking for the price. I haven't heard back, but I'm thinking
> > it's up there around $1.5k.  Is that about right?  <choke>
> probably more if you can believe it.  The downpipe alone is $1k.  $500 for
> the rest of the system seems a bit low for 2B caliber pricing.  i'd guess
> around $2k.

"cat-back" doesn't include the downpipe though.

>   And reasonable welding skills don't hurt.

prior to building my coupe exhaust, which was why I bought my cheesy
Walmart MIGger, I had welded a total of maybe twelve things, all little
brackets and such.  It's really not that hard, skill wise.  Though it is
a good idea to close your eyes while making that bright spark...

Huw Powell

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