5 Liter, V-10 TDI.

Ed Birch edwbirch at comcast.net
Tue Mar 26 01:41:45 EST 2002

Todd Young wrote....

> According to what I've heard (don't remember where, could have been the
> QList), American fuel manufacturers are being force to clean up their
> In other words, remove some of the sulfur content, which would more
> match diesel that is produced for European countries......

And man, are they Pissed, the American fuel manufacturers that is. They say
cleaner Diesel fuel will cost more to produce and there's a very small
market, etc, etc, yada, yada.....
With all the SUV on roadways, there's certainly more profit in gasoline

Then there California's CARB, with the idea of zero emissions in the form of
vehicles powered by Hydrogen, electric hybrid, LP gas, methane gas, solar.
I wouldn't be surprised if rubber band power was studied.

Several years ago Volvo developed a Diesel-electric hybrid car which showed
promise, but that was a full size vehicle.

Meanwhile, weather permitting, I'll commute with my motorcycles and dream of
owning a VW Lupo TDI.

Ed Birch........93-100S.

(Screw OPEC--drive a fuel efficient Diesel car)

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