4kq no start

Adam Tuck atuck6 at cogeco.ca
Tue Mar 26 09:38:08 EST 2002

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I have an 86 4kq that tends to not starts after doing anything near the fue=
l distributor. Changing the passenger side headlight means that it will def=
inately not start the next time. When this happens, the can will try to sta=
rt, and then die immediately, like it isn't getting any fuel. As well, if t=
his happens when the car is running, the car will tend to not accelerate pr=
operly, and make a backfiring noise if you push on the accelerator too hard=
. I'm at a loss, since this comes and goes without much warning. The only t=
hing that seems to help is to release the fuel pressure from the high press=
ure side of the distributor, or lightly tapping the top of the distributor,=
 but that doesn't always work. Any ideas???

Adam Tuck

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