new 4kq (window switches!!!!!!!!)

Dave C conner at
Tue Mar 26 12:40:24 EST 2002

Your experience tells me this isn't as simple as I implied, or maybe I'm
just plain wrong.
Courtesy of Huw, there is more window switch info at....

Another possibility is damaged wires in the driver's door hinge boot.

Dave C.

At 09:25 AM 3/26/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>OK I have a similar situation... my front switches wont operate the rear
windows, but the rear
>switches do. The lock also affects the rear switches correctly... I cant
figure out the problem...
>any ideas????
>Dave C wrote:
>> "3) Driver's power window works well.  The other three do not work from
>> either the center console switches, nor from the door switches for the
>> rears."
>> Bernard,
>> >Both< switches must be functional for the window to move.
>> Ex... if the switch in the front console is good, but the switch in the
>> rear door is NG... the good switch will not operate the window.  Usually a
>> non-functional switch can be made to work by disassembly and cleaning of
>> contacts.  It helps to have two known good switches to test/prove that the
>> problem is switch related.  Then replace or repair the non-functioning
>> switches.
>> Dave C.

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