Automatic gearboxes. love them or hate them but why? was: RS6 in Autoweek Mar 18.

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Tue Mar 26 20:01:24 EST 2002

In the fear of turning this discussion into a philosophical one may I just
say that modern people, and especially those living and working in big
cities or their suburbs spend a lot of time inside their cars.

Doing so renders the environment of the car as close and cozy as that of
their houses.

This results in liberating their behaviour and giving them the impression
that they can actually do what they also do inside their houses or working
On several cases where the working environment is where they actually spend
more time than in their houses this is only further supports this theory.

In addition please consider that when the car is stuck in a traffic jam you
ACTUALLY have time and can drink your coffee and discuss on the phone while
checking whatever you wish (from stock prices to TV program on the dashboard
mounted screen that most modern middle and upper class cars now come
equipped with)

(just do not say that the TV module does not operate when the car moves
because this can be by-passed)

So this is why an automatic appears more user friendly to some people.

Other people prefer it for its ease of actual use.

If you ask me I also prefer a modern automatic (or similar) system from a
manual. YES even for the RS2 (not to mention that I prefer the converted to
automatic Discovery turbodiesel over the other one that is still manual)

On the other hand it is a matter of personal taste as Romans said "De
gustibus De coloribus......."


P.S. What do people on this list think about the new Audi transmission
system with the multitronic. It is supposed to be more economical and faster
on both acceleration and top speed than the manual box while providing the
advantages of an automatic, CVT and/or sequential gearbox. Already available
on the new A4 1.8 turbo here in Greece (not so with a quattro setup though)

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> Andrew Duane USG  wrote.....
> >Why is it that Audi seems to think anyone who wants
> > something a little larger than an A4 is incapable of shifting
> > gears? The lack of sticks is appalling (but not just on Audis).
> Ed Birch Wrote....
> IMHO, automatic transmission is what the general public motorist wants.
> Imagine him/her trying to shift gears driving while using the cellphone
> drinking a cup of coffee!
> And reading the paper while checking stock quotes on their palm pilots!  I
> don't know why people think driving is for doing other tasks...maybe I'm
> "multi-task" oriented?
> My gridlocked 0.02....
> Steve
> 84 4kqs
> P.S.  I just had to say something.

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