audi sightings... listers? whatever...

David Eaton deaton at
Wed Mar 27 11:47:38 EST 2002

ime, there is quite a quality difference between the vw golf and audi a3.
the a3 has better materials, (the paint also looks better), if similar fit
and finish.

our new a3 1.8t has had an issue with the rear hatch not closing completely.
tracey called the salesman, took the car in, they fixed it, then washed and
vacuumed the car before they returned it.  as most folks know, quality is
not so much about the absence of fault, but the "experience" of the product.
tracey can't fault the product called "buying a new audi".

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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		Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 00:56:18 -0500
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		My old boss, whose '84 5k was the first Audi I drove, whose
'80 5k the
		first one I owned, and whose '85 4kq I borrowed for a
weekend at 15k
		miles back in... 1986... just picked up a nice shiny A4 1.8t
to replace
		his Passat.  Thinks the Passat was "easier" to drive.  Hey!
		happened to my test drive, George?

		He went on at length about the difference between how the
local VW
		dealer and the local Audi dealer treated him.  Goes in for a
third car
		at Seacoast VW and they still trying to sleaze him over...
goes to Dover
		Auto (local ringsfolks), realizes how nice it will be to
have the car
		picked up and a loaner dropped off for all those free
service intervals.

		VW: half a dozen flaws when new, 2 serious.
		Audi: none, except the odd feature of a fuel gauge that
doesn't reset if
		you fill up with the engine running...

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