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So... What about the RST??
Any news on that beast?
Sounds like the same as the RS6, but 2-door coupe...

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here in nz, we are taking 50 rs6's.  deliveries expected in q1 2003.  $220k
nzd ($100k usd) for the sedan, $240k for the avant.

the audi dealers here have taken 26 names and deposits already (1 month
after announcement)!  my friendly salesman also strongly advised that i
*don't* plunk my money down on an rs6 and either wait another year and then
pick up an rs4, which he thinks is selling well over value presently (12-18
month old rs4's are still selling her for about 10% off new price), or
another year after that and pick up an rs6.  he wasn't that complimentary
about many of the initial owners (something about needing the latest toys,
and not being car guys, i won't elaborate).  good advice though.

audi certainly now has some wonderful product, and there is not much current
competition for it, it seems.

'95 rs2
'90 ur-q

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		According to the Mar 18 issue, the RS6 will come to the
states, sedan
		and avant models. $70K up, 450hp twin turbo 4.2L 40V with
443 ft-lbs of
		torque... Who would spring for an S8 with those numbers and
		0-60 in 4.6 seconds. Pic shows a tiptronic - don't know how
		strengthened the trans... Paddle shifting too.
		I just want the first wrecked one for my tornado red V8...

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