1998 A4 V6 Quattros and selling my 1988 90 Quattro

ricematthews ricematthews at msn.com
Thu Mar 28 07:28:39 EST 2002


I have had my '98 A4 Avant Quattro for about 4 months.  Great car!  As for
the clutch, it does seem "high" whan compared to my 86' 4kcsq.  Actually,
not much different than the '89 200q though, from what I recall.  I actually
bought another '98 A4 Avant Q before this one.  I found it had a decent
number of oil leaks (engine, trans, rear diff) and the dealer (non-Audi
dealer) bought it back after the refused to have them repaired under their
warranty.  This one also has a small engine oil leak that needs to be taken
care of too (hopefully under the Audi Assured Warranty) .  So my suggestion
would be to check the car out for leaks as it seems to be a common problem.
Any other questions?

-Mark Rice
'98 A4 Avant q
ex-'86 4kcsq
ex,ex-'89 200q

I test drove 3 of the above and on all 3, the clutch
Command? felt like it let up high.  Anyone have a 98
A4 V6?  How do you like your 1998?
I am selling my 14 year old silver (gray leather
interior) 1988 90 Quattro.  It's in good condition - I
just want to upgrade.  Kelley Blue book Private Party
"fair" conditon is $2555, "good" condition $3005 and
"excellent" condition $3385.  I'm asking $2000 - it
has new Nokian NRWs, 112k miles, stick, sunroof,
non-smoker, Mobil 1 oil used for the life.  If
interested, email me and I can send you a .jpg pic and
a .xls spreadsheet of maintenance done over the years.

(Palatine IL)

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