re. Coupe is misfiring and there's a ticking noise to be heard - Is i

Ben Swann bswann at
Thu Mar 28 09:29:34 EST 2002

Not the insulation, but the actual connection of the wire to the connector
boot lead.  Pull the boot off and you will see.  If one is shot, then the
others are not far behind - just get a new set of wires.  They get that way
at the plug side too, usually sooner IME.


[Hello there.  My NG engined Coupe has started to misfire.  This doesn't
happen all the time.  I checked the distributor, the rotor arm seems clean
enough and in good condition.

I noticed that if I place my finger close to one of the leads near the
distributor cap that a small spark jumps to my finger tip.  I've tried
reaseating the lead with no change.  Am I right to assume that the
insulation has broken down and that this leakage will cause cause the spark
at the plug to fail to move ignite the mixture.  There appears to be two
ticking sounds I can hear one from the distributor cap, is this normal? The
other is from the engine block is this because the piston is being pulled
the cam rather than the the internal combustion?
PS. The oil level is fine.

Will replacing my leads solve this trouble?  Thanks for any pointers on

Robert '92 Coupe]

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