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> I have to 'fess-up. I've been asleep at the wheel relative to how the larger
> boneyards in my area (north-central MA) are beginning to operate.

The Denver area has seen some major changes in the last few years as well.
There are apparently 2 schools of thought on ways to turn a profit in the
salvage business.
#1 sell enough parts at a high enough price per car to justify it's presence
long term.
#2 get em cheap, turn a few parts, crush em for scrap value, turn inventory.
Most local yards employ the "old school" #1.
The yard I have been recently visiting regularly does business via #2. They
regularly crush a lot of usable parts, but turn a profit on the carcass. One
Saturday morning I saw 5 (yes FIVE) newly acquired type 44's. Two weeks later
there was only 1 of the 5 left. 3 were turbos and I had already stripped the
sensors, turbo hoses, door handles, window switches, and other miscellaneous
items I thought I could get off easily. That makes 4- alternators, hyd.pumps,
3 turbos, etc. that are now bricks.
The lost forever parts break my heart, but the fact that they turn inventory
and make a profit and will still be in business next month balances somewhat.
I regularly pull a "box of misc. stuff" for between $15 & $25. They don't
charge by the item, but by the "bunch". I even picked an O2 reset speedo box
from a 4kq with a full box of other assorted "stuff for $16.
If anyone has specific needs, let me know. No promises, but will see what I
can do. I'm not in it for the money. I just want to "keep em alive", and give
back to the list.

"Good judgment is a result of experience, which is often the result of poor

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