NY Auto show(long, a few rants)

george mills gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Sun Mar 31 18:39:43 EST 2002

Glad you had the GT40 at the top of the list Brett. I think the real
designation is GT1148 if you're counting. From what I've read it's a
double 500: hp and torque about the same for street use. Will end up a
bit pricey at 100 grand Canuck bucks. If I win the lottery I'm going
to buy one. Won't last long tho' as I'll probably be off in the woods
in short order after missing the last turn.
  Otherwise sounds like your typical auto show. Rest assured the sales
droids are on the look-out for "potential" buyers. The doors are
unlocked for them. Go figure.
  Best regards,
>-Ford.  New GT40.  Gorgeous machine, and a really, really nice update
>to the original.  Huge crowd, just sitting there staring goes "wow,
>wow, wow, wow" to themselves...particularly those who were around
>when the original GT40 was racing.

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