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Jukka Majanen jiipm at sci.fi
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I did not made mine myself like J did. Just heard about
those Porvoo EM:s that have been better than IMSA-
series-so I asked my friend to ask an EM for me. The
manufacturer promised an extra one for me. All his
EM:s get to many European Audi-teams. Now 10 years
without cracks. Material is 52 for flanges and 37 for
tubes = cheap

But I´m answering only for my one, because J does not
actually have a collector, but 5 runners joined and mine
has a "long" tube where they join...Just for velocity...

You also wrote to J:

> Your limitation is the cold side on the k24, not the hot side.  Be careful
> about quickly swapping turbos.  The WX especially, needs a turbo that can
> spin up with a low exhaust velocity.  Again, a bigger cold side on the k24
> can put you over the 300 mark in either engine, without losing low end grunt.
>  If you look at the RS2 hot side, it's not much bigger than the k24 hot side,
> and it's capable of 400hp.

Please, I would like to disagree and ask:

1: What is big K-24 cold side?
2. You say: not a big difference btw RS-2 and K-24 hot side?

RS2 has 55 mm turbine dia at exducer and K-24 46 mm, IMHO
it is a big difference. ( 45 mm is for 200-250 HP and 55 for
250-350 HP ) . IMO K-24 cold side is good for some 300 HP )

Those small ones work, but with lots of backpressure and not
too smooth.

What You want the engine do: blow the motor or flow the gas :))))

An original 24 cold side is about 43mm, but there is no good
variations, so the K-26 is a good solution. Here we have seen it
with 50 compressor/ 55 turbine K-26 as a good one ( RS-2 has a
K-? with 48/55 ) also a hybrid with K-27´s smallest compressor
( 53 ) has been succesful. All later 26:s seem to have 55 turbine.
( I´m now working with a Bimmer 745i with stock 64/53 K-27 )



I started this thread, just to get some other ideas, than mine for a
fiver project, but looks like we are "quite" far away;))

Gotta leave the list, I wish all good to You Audifans.

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> Jukka/Javad:
> Looking at pix of both your header setups vs the audi sport 10vt and 20vt
> headers, one think I notice that A./S uses is sliding joints on the collector
> pipes to accomodate the heat expansion of the manifold and runners.  Corky
> Bell references it, and several of the mitsu applications have it as well.
> My understanding of this design, is that it reduces the chances of heat
> cracking to almost nil.
> Any reason you guys aren't going this route?
> Scott J

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