pressure bleed "CLUTCH": which adapter cap?

Ken auditude at
Thu May 2 15:41:33 EDT 2002

Quoting Steven Sprague <ssprague at>:
> Ken wrote:
> > I got some private replies to this (thanks), but perhaps I should emphasize
> that I'm asking about bleeding the CLUTCH not the BRAKES.
> >
> > I don't believe the Motive kit comes with a cap that fits the clutch
> hydraulics.  They do have a universal cap, but I don't know if that would
> work or if it's necessary.
>     I've used the Motive kit that my friend has and the cap fits my 84 4kqs
> brake reservoir fine.  From what I gather, Motive's website says there are
> different caps to fit different makes.  Also, they have an "Import" kit with > their bleeder to fit a range of cars.  I would give them a call to make sure > you get the correct cap.  I think this is the best bleeder I've used, athough > a little messy.
>     I don't know if the reservoir caps are the same between the 4k and 5k.
> Maybe someone on the list can answer that or call your local Audi dealer or
> recycler.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the response.  However, I didn't see anything in there about "clutch" bleeding, as opposed to "brake" bleeding, which is what I'm trying to find out about. :)

I think the brake reservoir caps could be the same between the 4k and 5k, but I'm still trying to find out about the clutch.

One question you might be able to answer, is whether you have been able to, or it looks like you would be able to, use the Motive pressure bleeder to bleed the "clutch" hydraulics.  At least if that's true, then there's a chance the clutch reservoir caps are the same or similar.

Aw shucks, nevermind.  With your '84 you probably have a cable clutch(?), so the whole topic of bleeding the hydraulic clutch might be foreign to you.

My 5kcstq clutch is hydraulic, like the brake system, with a master and slave cylinder.  I had to open the hose to the slave to drop the tranny, and now I have to bleed it.

Tony Lum mentioned that bleeding the brake reservoir might also bleed the clutch system, as it may "feed" that circuit from the same fluid source.

I probably won't be able to get the information I need, order the Motive bleeder, and have it by this weekend anyway.  I'll have to construct my own like the one.

I suppose if the Motive import/universal kit/cap will also work on the Audi (brake in this case) master, then it might be a more flexible setup than the european-specific setup.  It appears to simply clamp onto the top of the reservoir.



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