FW; Idle Stabilization Valve-Audi Gt Coupe 87

george mills gamills at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu May 2 21:48:38 EDT 2002

Hi Manny. I'm posting this to the list to possibly get some feedback.
There are many things that could be a cause for this.
Anyone know of a "good/honest mechanic" in Mississauga, ON? Please
reply to Manny.

Best regards,
>My son just recently received a gift from her Aunt an Audi Gt Coupe 87.
>>The car is Ok with some minor problem and I do beleive can be fix .I just need to find a good/honest mechanic. My question is when the car is cold and you run and come to a full stop and step on the gas it will run and suddenly the idle will slow drop down.What I notice as if the car will completely stop is this related to ISV adjustment or other thing.
>>               I am not a mechanic I'll appreciate if you can help us to save some money. I am residing in Mississauga, Ontario,Canada.

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