Type 44 steering rack question

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Fri May 3 16:12:12 EDT 2002

At 07:56 PM 05/03/2002 +0200, Tom Nas wrote:

>At 18:38 2-5-02 -0400, Huw Powell wrote:
>> > > Thanks, Jim. ETKA gives at least four part numbers,
>> > > with wildly varying prices.
>>If I recall my lessons correctly, "new" and "reman" parts will have
>>different part numbers, which would make four, right?
>Yes and no.
>According to ETKA, there's a VIN break (which would be the seals) and a
>version for a car with 'additional hydraulic compressor', whatever that may

Weren't there models with extra hydraulics to provide self-leveling to
adjust for loads?


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