OEM carbon fiber driveshaft???

Chris Semple chris at force5auto.com
Sat May 4 14:23:57 EDT 2002

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> I stripped a bunch of stuff off my 1992 80q parts car today
> and I was quite surprised to find something I wasn't expecting:  A carbon
> fiber driveshaft!!!!
> What cars did Audi put these things on?
> -Marc-
> 87 4ktq
> 88 90q

They're on any of the airbag equipped 80/90/Coupes. Supposedly for decreased
floor intrusion from the forward section of the prop. Never really an issue
IMHO. The hardest hit 90q I've seen had the engine pushed into the firewall,
trans wings broke, carrier blown out, both prop CVs junk, and transmitted
enough force through the prop to blow both ears off the diff and bend the
rear subframe where the centre mount it.....cool....the carbon prop wasn't
splintered nor was the floor damaged.

-Chris Semple
Concord NH
'84 4000tq Lightweight
   '87 4000q
      '83 ur-q
         '92 S4

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