5K Cat Sheild Rattle

james accordino ssgacc at yahoo.com
Sat May 4 18:39:07 EDT 2002

Stainless steel drive point sheet metal screws run
through a pilot hole (1/8") securing the cover to the
cat flanges at the 4 corners?

Jim Accordino

--- Steve Sherman <spsherm at attglobal.net> wrote:
> On cold starts, there is an awful racket coming from
> the outer sheet
> metal sheild that goes around the catalytic
> converter.  It does appear
> to be the sheild moving (not the insides) as slight
> pressure on it will
> quiet things.  Once things get hot, the rattle goes
> away.
> I am looking for ideas on how to secure this outer
> sheet metal to the
> main case to eliminate this rattle.  Welding is not
> a good choice (IMO)
> due to all these parts being stainless, and other
> than a MIG unit, the
> weld would be plain steel, and introduce rust
> points.  I've thought
> about just using some muffler patch paste at the
> edges; just enough to
> take up the slack movement, but I would not expect
> that to last long.
> Possibly dimpling the sheet metal up to the
> underlying metal?
> Anyone else out there have a solution?

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