O2 sensor options

Brett Dikeman brett at cloud9.net
Mon May 6 21:49:17 EDT 2002

At 4:40 PM -0700 5/6/02, james accordino wrote:
>No, they're ALL cut-n-paste.  This was the cheapest
>one they had.  The idea is to buy the cheapest,
>readily available, in stock everywhere O2 sensor.  The
>sensing heads are all the same.

I just found an article today which surprised me somewhat...newer
Audis do NOT use standard O2 sensors(!)  Wonders never cease :-)


Note specifically that the new sensor, Heated Planar-tyep, LSF...is
used in the A4 1.8t and the A6 2.8(I think this leaves the TT, S4/A6
2.7tt/A6 4.2 and A/S8, right?)  No 2001 models, supposedly, but ALL
2002 models.

Particularly where the sensor's performance is pretty important or
the engine tends to by nature spew a fair bit of carbon from oil
etc...I wonder if the newer sensor(which is more bulletproof
contamination-wise) is electrically compatible...hell, think of it
another way, it's 50 less seconds of your car being open-loop.

But hey, probably not.  I imagine its really funky, although not as
different as the widebands, which are apparently much, much more
linear(and thus probably completely unusable with our older ECUs even
if you scaled the voltage range with a little interface widget.)

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