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Tue May 7 03:20:12 EDT 2002

At 12:30 AM 5/7/02, you wrote:
>Any q-listers out there from North Carolina? My family and I are about to m=
>ove up there from Mississippi, and I'm worried about my 5k not passing insp=
>ection.  What exactly do they check? And what of the driver's license testi=
>ng?  I have  Mississippi intermediate license right now, does that mean I'm=
>  going to have to road-test again in North Carolina? And while I'm at it, I=
>  pose the same question to any listers from Pennsylvania - on the off chanc=
>e I bring my car to college, I'd like to know.

NC Lister here:

Inspections depend on the county.  About 10 of the larger ones have
emissions testing and safety inspections, with 30 more to be added in over
5 years.  If you don't pass the emissions test, they won't let you register
your car after 6 months of non-compliance.  The rest of the counties have
safety inspections, they are pretty lax.  The thing they seem to be most
worried about is window tint.  Can't be darker than 35% light transmission,
unless it's factory.  Other than that, it's: lights (do you have
them?)  exhaust (not audibly leaky!) front end (doesn't have any excess
play!)  horn (does it make a weak sound?) windshield wipers (is there any
rubber on them?) You get the idea.  To sum up the safety inspection, if
your car won't pass, you REALLY shouldn't be driving it.  I would take it
to a small independant shop, rather than a large chain or dealership, the
smaller guys are a little more lax.

Can't comment on the license, I've always had a NC driver's license; I know
it's a lot more of a pain in the butt than when I got mine.

George Selby
83 Audi Coupe GT
gselby4x4 at earthlink.net

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