Coolant loss

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Tue May 7 07:54:26 EDT 2002

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I've got a 1995.5 S6 Avant with 100k miles.  Over the weekend, the low
coolant warning came on.  I topped the overflow tank with distilled water
and antifreeze, and noticed that the light was coming on again today.

The temp gauge behaves normally.  I see a fair amount of coolant in the
vicinity of the overflow tank (around the top edge and beneath it).  I'm
assuming that this is due to boil-over since I don't see any obvious leaks.

No radical driving (long duration, high speed).  Ambient air temps in the
40-60 degree range.

Any BTDT for this?!  My best guess is thermostat failure.  Maybe pressure
cap?  Any thoughts appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

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