85 Coupe GT

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To remove the sunroof:

1. Crank open (tilt).
2. There are little tabs that you have to pull out. They are on the left and right side about mid way from front to rear. This releases the locking mechanism. On most cars, the rings have broken so you'll only have the little stubs left to pull on, but it doesn't take much effort.
3. Now, from the outside, slide back and up at an angle to remove.
4. Store it in the rack in the trunk.

To reinstall:
1. Slide into track then just give it a push downward to lock.
2. Crank closed.


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I just recently purchased an 85 coupe GT.  The car has 100K miles on it with
a lot of new equipment, tires, fuel lines, exhaust system.  I just have a
couple of questions, if someone could answer them for me.

1.  The sunroof comes out doesn't it? I think that is what the space in the
trunk is for, the question is how does it come out?

2.  Can anyone recommend any audi shops in the Portland OR area for getting
work done?


Nate Beck

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