What is a quattro ?

Gaidos, A. agaidos at got.net
Wed May 8 17:47:38 EDT 2002

I second the 56K issue.

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Interesting pics, just too many of them, they should be thumbnailed. I'm
sure it's no problem on a fast connection, but it takes forever on my
56k :-( And I really wanna see 'em all :-(( Curse the phonecompany that
wont upgrade the lines where I live!!!

87 Cq

Kev the Brit wrote:

>Just in case you do not know what started the rot in most of our wallets
>check out this link http://www.bonekar.com/Audi/UrQuattro.htm
>Right at the bottom there is a coupe/avant thingy.....VERY interesting
>Kevin Phillips
>1998 A6 Avant
>1995 900 SET

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