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Chris Dyer chrisdyer at hotmail.com
Thu May 9 01:24:31 EDT 2002

Heater cores are not 5 cyl.

>From: GMBCHEF at aol.com
>To: quattro at audifans.com
>Subject: complete 4kq parts car for sale
>Date: Wed, 08 May 2002 18:38:13 -0400
>Met this guy in the parking lot of a Pep Boyz.
>Here's how the ad reads in Bargain News:
>  86 Audi 4000s
>  black, ps, pb, pw,sunroof, trac. control, 4x4, 5sp, 4dr,am/fm
>cass.,4cyl,(new, 25k miles on it),body in good cond. . Could be nice car
>with some minor work. $875 OBO
>  This is what he told me in person:
>Needs heater core. Approx. 200k miles. Guy told me $750
>Naugatuck, CT
>drewkloc71 at aol.com
>    No affiliation, just thought someone might need another 4kq.
>   I can go see it if someone wants. He didn't know they were 5 cylinders.

from chrisdyer at hotmail.com

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