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David.Ullrich at David.Ullrich at
Thu May 9 14:18:31 EDT 2002

Well, in my quest for the air ducts for my CGT, I found out that the left side duct (goes between radiator and engine) is no longer available (part number 811 121 282 H). I called Force5 and they don't even bother pulling them due to bad condition on average. So, what other options do I have? I can't really make one, I don't have anything to use as a template. They DO still make the upper and lower ducts (811 121 293 for upper and 811 121 329 K for lower). My car has the upper, but is missing the lower and side. Would adding just the lower be of any benefit? The diagram I have doesn't show a duct on the side by the fender, is there supposed to be one there?



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