center support bearing spacers?

Ken auditude at
Thu May 9 15:12:06 EDT 2002


As you may recall, I finally reassembled my '88 5kcstq after replacing the clutch and rack.  Among other things, I think I need to align the center support bearing for the center driveshaft.

I was just looking at Blau's tips section:

And I noticed it says:

"A. Remove drive shaft. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to any SPACERS between center bearing mounting plate and the car body. Spacers must be reinserted upon reassembly. B. Mark position of spacers in relationship to vehicle frame using a scribe."

Regarding the spacers.  I don't remember where these "leftover" gold-colored/anodized thick metal washer-type spacers came from.  It was discussed here earlier, and someone suggested that they were part of the catalytic convertor mounting hardware.  Since I couldn't find a place for the spacers there, I left them off.

Now I'm thinking they are supposed to go in between the floorpan and the center support bearing bracket, spacing it down.

Did I get it right?  (the guess, not the installation)

Here is what I found at
(it works better when IE than Opera for me)

item: 7
p/n: 857 521 143
desc: SHIM
specs: 20X10X2
?: X

Since I have no shims there, and two uninstalled shims, I bet they go there! :-)



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