Audi, heal thyself

Kneale Brownson knotnook at
Fri May 10 23:32:24 EDT 2002

I'd hang onto that master cylinder.  You may have a failing seal inside the
one in your car that will perform normally until it gets really hot under
the hood and then give you the trouble you experienced earlier.

At 08:09 PM 05/10/2002 +0000, Mike Arman wrote:

>Now tell me my car doesn't love me . . .
>Coupla days ago, I would have sworn the master cylinder had just died on my
>86 5KS. Hal (the autocheck) started beeping merrily away, the brake pedal
>was squishy and traveled further than it should, and would even bottom with
>steady pressure - classic partial brake master cylinder failure syndrome.
>Checked all belts and fluids, nothing missing or leaking more than usual,
>yup, definitely the master cylinder. Phooey.
>Took a ride over the the local auto parts store, advised them that the
>lifetime guaranteed master cylinder I had bought from them back in 1996 had
>died, here's my receipt, gimme another one, please, and they did. Plan was
>to put it in tomorrow, and quite frankly, I was not looking forward to it,
>and then having to bleed the brakes by myself.
>This morning, everything was fine! Hal was happy and quiet, the brake pedal
>was properly firm, no squish (and not the "dead-bomb" clunk either), the
>car evidently healed itself!
>Only thing I can think of was a speck of crud under the check valve in the
>bomb or somewhere in the master cylinder, and it finally moved . . . the
>brakes are as good as they have EVER been.
>Now I'm not complaining, but does anyone have any suggestions as to what's
>going on here?
>Best Regards,
>Mike Arman

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