H1/H4 Euro city light location

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Mon May 13 14:26:57 EDT 2002

Dan, H1's are located innermost, by the grill, then the H4 to the outside of that.  The only think in the outer corner reflector part is a city bulb socket.  I've managed to find 18w bulbs, so the brightness is there, just not yellow at this point, but i'm still searching.  If you wanted to go the Jim Green route, you could wire up two bulbs in the city light socket and run one for a running light, the other for a blinker.

I have to warn you though, sounds like you are anal about having it just like the factory, and that will be very tough to do without bumpers or relocating blinkers, etc.  You are trying to have the factory way with only half the components.  Invariably, if you don't want to spend all the money on the parts, there will be a sacrifice somewhere along the way.


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>Can anyone confirm the location of the city light bulb in the H1/H4 dual
>lens Euro lights for the 80/90 [type 89]?  Are the city light sockets/bulbs
>actually located in the outer corner of the lens where the US turn signal
>used to be, or are the city lights located more to center (within the main
>I'm obviously considering the Euro lights, but if the signal cannot be
>incorporated in the Euro H1/H4, I will probably go with the single reflector
>direct fit Euro.  Don't have the cash to go the S2 bumper route, and I'm not
>crazy about locating the flashers anywhere else.
>Thanks in advance,
>1990 CQ

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