5k trunk lock

Huw Powell human747 at attbi.com
Mon May 13 16:03:53 EDT 2002

> Subject: broken trunk
> I have an 87 5KCSTQ with a broken trunk lock - talked to a local auto
> locksmith who said I could gain entrance to the inside of the trunk through
> the right tail light, but I haven't been able to see where he is talking
> about. Any one have experience with this and if so, how to get into the
> trunk?

Not sure how you would do that without breaking the lens, since they are
usually attached from inside the trunk.

Also don't know for sure, but did this on a type 43 (earlier) 5000 once
- remove a rear deck speaker or two, and using a flashlight and a lot of
extensions, undo the trunk lock or latch bolts.  Then the trunk can be
opened and the problem remedied.  Hopefully..

The ski sack, if your car has one, can also be a handy way into the
trunk for awkward emergency repairs like this.

Huw Powell



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