SPOILER: F-1 results. Complaints, anyone?

rob hod rob3 at hod3.fsnet.co.uk
Mon May 13 21:14:16 EDT 2002

        I was only 100% furious. I couldn't beleive it. Even if it was not
against the rules as such, it most certainly was against the spirit. Its far
from the first demonstration that there's two people driving for Michaels
points, but its was the most blatant yet.

    They don't seem to realise that they are destroying Schumacher
reputation as an all time great driver and its not often you see the the
Tifosi booing their star driver. Appalling. Just imagine if you'd bet on the

    It used to be a real sport, but I'm not sure I'm going to follow this
farce any more.

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> Wow, I was expecting to come in this morning to see a bunch of disgruntled
listers complaining on the Spielberg A-1 ring race results, but not one
single post on this subject.
> Did nobody watch the race, or it the shameful handing over of the win just
too painful to discuss?
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