LAC!! SPOILER: F-1 results. Complaints, anyone?

Chris Dyer chrisdyer at
Mon May 13 20:17:06 EDT 2002

It's all point of view. From what I've heard from driver interviews, driving
on ovals is a different dynamic, but difficult nonetheless. Driving at
180-220 on those ovals is like driving 65 on glare ice--AND you're trying to
hold your head up at high g's for a few hours, not pass out from heat, AND
beat the other guys right next to you, who may, btw, be purposely bumping
and banging your ride.

Now, as for beginners' tv viewing, not very exciting. I'd guess from my
experience, that off-road and rallying are real eye-catchers.

But my FAVORITE is the Reno Air races--specifically helicopters. HOLY CRAP!
Only caught it once on the "old" Speedvision; blew my mind.

>Speaking of NASCAR, I forced myself to sit and watch not only a couple of
>NASCAR races, but also the CART and IRL series, thinking maybe I've missed
>something exciting.
>Can someone explain to me please, how there can possibly be an enormous
>amount of skill involved in simply keeping your foot in it all day, and
>going around in a circle? (OK, "oval"!). I mean, if the guys racing are
>and overweight, are they really "athletes"? Or just a bunch of guys that
>can't keep up with the *really* fast cars...
>Now, the CART and IRL, I can see perhaps a little bit more skill in,
>especially when they actually take these cars to places like Long Beach,
>do the road courses. Besides, a few of those guys have successfully made
>jump to F-1 (Zinardi, Villeneuve, Montoya, Andretti, etc.), and a few have
>gone the other way too (Takagi, Zinardi, Andretti,, but it seems
>that the guys moving from F-1 to IRL are the ones that couldn't quite make
>it in F-1. Maybe with the exception of Andretti.
>Am I completely off my rockers here?
>Michael L. Riebs
>Grand Rapids, Michigan
>'90 V8Q
>'98 A6QA
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> > Sorry, we're all NASCAR fans.[1]
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> > Kent
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