5kCSTQ very sluggish

Nate Stuart newt at newtsplace.com
Tue May 14 12:11:09 EDT 2002

Have you pulled the ECU fault codes yet??!?

visit www.sjmautotechnik.com/ecuf.html for details and how to's.


> "Speedy" is now extremely sluggish under load after cold start-up. It's
> been 5 months and we can't figure it out. So sluggish she has trouble
> getting into traffic and climbing any kind of incline. Sputters and
> even backfires.
> After warming up, it will run around town, but misses and has very
> little power. Running noticeably rough. Down-shifting's required on
> hills.
> At first it always snapped out of it eventually, usually within an
> hour, and then ran like a top. For the last few weeks it has run
> consistently poor. Snaps out of it only rarely, and for just minutes
> when it does.
> Fuel system's been checked -- distributor, pump, warm up regulator.
> Filter is new and lines ok. Vacuum hoses ok, temp sensor's been
> changed, ignition and timing ok. Spark looks just like that on a
> comparable, but healthy TQ. It idles just fine.
> Would an old timing belt cause this trouble? What are we missing?
> Dennis Unsworth
> Helena Montana
> '86 5kCSTQ; 220k hard miles
> (vanity 222TQ)

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