[V8] Re: Fw: SPOILER: F-1 results. Complaints, anyone?

Michael Riebs / Audi V8 AudiV8 at 1stchoicegranite.com
Tue May 14 00:46:26 EDT 2002

Scott (and others):

> I'll try

Thank you.

> First, have you ever driven in competition?

Yes, I have. It has been quite a few years, but according to the definition
you describe (snipped), yes.
I started on a dirt track oval with modified VW Beetles, Opel Ascona B's and
Ford Taunuses, moved into rally (Opel Ascona B)in the 70's, and eventually
some road courses in the early 80's.
Never did get to 240MpH, but then again, neither does NASCAR.. - nor does
IRL or Cart. Does F1 even go quite that fast? Not sure.

So you see, I'm not quite as "ignorant" as you would like to think.

> In short -- I'm not going to say you have to LIKE watching oval track
> on television.  Hell, *I* don't particularly LIKE watching oval track
> on television.  But I believe you can have no real grounds for questioning
> the talent or skill of the drivers out there doing things you cannot begin
> to get a taste of unless you've done it, or something enough like it, for
> yourself.  And if you'd done it yourself, even at a lower speed or in a
> less-expensive series, you'd know what it takes, and you wouldn't ask.

I still ask. Road course = racing. NASCAR = crash spectacle, which is what
the "race fans" in the US want to see. It all comes back to the lazy
Americans in general. Let's sit comfortably in a stadium, where we can see
all the "action" (translation: crashes). How often do you hear the
announcers say: "This race should see allot of "action". We all know that
means "Wrecks". During one of the first F1 rounds with the new NASCAR
(speed) channel, the new guy (Rick?) asked Hobbs: "Well, tell me, why is the
race so exciting, when there are so few overtakings?"

Hmm. I see plenty! Especially in the middle of the field! Wasn't it
Verstappen that was the "master of passing" in last years season? What, and
average of 14 cars passed per race? Just because there aren't "lead changes"
doesn't mean that there is no passing, and passing for position and points!

Now I learned that in CART, the teams "are required to pit" every (##?) laps
(60?). Wow, that's exciting. No real chance for individual pit strategy, and
they are "required to take on 4 tires" at certain intervals.

That's not racing - that's just a bunch of guys following a bunch of rules.
in F1 you can have various different pit strategies. At A1 that was obvious.
one team was on a 1 stop strategy, while another was on a 2-stopper, and
based on fuel loads and tire life, one team or another could win, just
because of superior strategy - and of course you need a car that can go the

NASCAR's "intentional bumping" is unsportsmanlike. Race clean. Don't try to
"take out your opponent" for the crowd pleaser. What's with that?

Anyway, I can see (and feel as I'm typing) that this could quickly get out
of hand with varying differences in opinion, so I suggest we take this "off
list" for further discussion, or simply "agree to disagree". I don't expect
I will be able to convince anyone of my opinions, nor would I try. As long
as there's Auto Racing in some form, we all still have something to enjoy
watching on Saturdays and Sundays. It sure beats watching Tennis or Golf. Or
Billiards.... OK, no insult intended against Golfers!!! Remember Mark
Twain's feeling toward Golf: A beautiful walk - - - Ruined!

Michael L. Riebs
Grand Rapids, Michigan

'90 V8Q
'98 A6QA


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