Acceptable performance?

David.Ullrich at David.Ullrich at
Tue May 14 13:08:48 EDT 2002

OK, my mechanic got the high speed side of the radiator fan working again. Yipee! That along with the pusher fan in front of the condenser has dropped the AC vent temps to 42 stable degrees when outside temps are in the mid 70s and cabin temps started in the upper 80s. This is without the cardboard shrouds/air ducts that go around the radiator &n condenser. I'm still trying to locate a set of these, which I will install myself. Do you think these numbers are acceptable? Or should I push him to get it even lower? remember this is the mechanic who insisted that Audi ACs (even with the York compressor) are capable of being converted to R134a successfully... Thoughts? Comments?


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