Help- 91 CQ brake question

Paul R. Cole bdssprc at
Wed May 15 01:44:13 EDT 2002

Since I'm still waiting for the Bently to arrive I've got a question:
(Car- 1991 Audi Coupe Quattro 20V)

I'm replacing the right rear rotor and pads ( lower pin in the caliper carrier is stuck too)
but how is the piston retracted? Older 4kq's and 5k's use a hex bit to turn the
piston back in - not this beast.
this piston has a set of notches on either side of the face- Any advice on
proper technique/tools to get this done.
Please respond via email - I'll post the winning solution.

Paul R. Cole:
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'91 Coupe Quattro 20V (new daily driver)
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