1.8T int 4kq?

Dave Alarie dalarie at uwsa.edu
Wed May 15 12:45:07 EDT 2002

Brandon Rogers wrote:

>Hi all-
>Has anybody swapped, or attempted to swap, a 1.8T into a 4kq?  It seems like
>it would be a great little motor for that car--but I'm thinking the
>packaging might cause all sorts of problems.  ?  Plus issues with mating a
>1.8T to the 016 tranny. ??? Just thinking......
>'84 urquattro
>'98 A4
    I've been looking at the issues with that swap.  I can't say I've
uncovered any non-starters, but that doesn't mean there aren't any out
there.  It may be simply a measure of my ignorance.  Here's hoping we
capture the imagination of the attending guru-scenti.

    Here's some of what I think I know about doing this particular swap.

    The tranny question is interesting.
    I've seen some postings indicating the bolt patterns on the 1.8T
enginne and the 016 bell-housing do not match.  <insert correction here
if necessary>  An adapter plate is a straight-forward and not too pricy
solution to that however.  Though I haven't done the detail work on that
bit, I did come across a place (in Kansas City maybe ? . . . now where
is that link . . . ?) that specializes in just those sorts of adapter
    Perhaps easier would be to get a used 1.8T along with a mated
gearbox?  That would mean working out the shift linkage (doable),
finding or adapting port and starboard frong driveshafts to accomodate
fit any length differences (though I suspect/would bet there are stock
VAG driveshafts that would swap in with too much hullabaloo.)   That
leaves mating the newer tranny to the fore/aft driveshaft and that seems
doable as well.  Also in play is a means to get the mechanically driven
speedo in the '85 to display the speed information provided
electronically by the 1.8T/Tranny package.
    I've an '85 4KQ.  I believe the change in weight distribution would
profoundly improve the plowing tendencies of that platform.  The vehicle
weighs in at <2900lbs.  Oh yeah, there's the issue of getting more
horsepower . . . I figure with the weight differential, and the upside
potential on the 1.8T, one should be able to drive the hp/weight ratio
below 1/10.  Ahhhhhh . . . .
    How to pay for new rubber every 12 months is a problem; mostly a
self-control problem, but a problem nonetheless.
    Does anyone have the 1.8T weight?  How about 1.8T plus tranny?  My
working number for the 10v5cyl is 375 to 400 lbs.  How about the 016 tranny?

    The electrics is another interesting puzzle.
    If I go ahead, then I'm considering sarting the conversion by
ripping out the CIS system and putting in the Motronic ECU and fuel
distributer appropriate for big hp implementation of the 1.8T.  It would
mean, _I think_, mapping the CIS inputs to the appropriate Motronic
inputs and then burning Motronic eeprom code to perform appropriate fuel
distribution to the 10V engine.
    That also would allow me to replace the CIS fuel/air mettering
mechanicals with a MAF plus electronic fuel distributor.  And that, _I
think_ goes a long way to preparing the ground - the engine bay anyway -
for installation of the 1.8T.
    The stumbling block here, e.g., the block on which I'm _currently_
stumbling, is the un-availability of reasonably priced software that can
read both the CIS and Motronic systems.  Then, there's the issue of
finding an appropriate eeprom burner, figuring out how to modify the
Motronic chip and then getting it back on the chip and then getting the
car to run at all.
    I'm going to get the Bosch fuel injection technical documenation to
help sort out the data acquisition puzzle. The CIS ecu ought to be easy
and the Motronic less so, but it may be an interesting learning curve to
at least chart.  Being that disposable time is more absent than
disposable income, this bit of the operation is starting to feel like a
service for which I'd be happy to pay someone else.  (Is that plea for
help veiled thinly enough?)

    There.  That ought to be good for generating some number of on-point
responses . . . so TIA to all.

    Dave Alarie


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