ATF in Engine to clean it???

Todd Phenneger tquattroguy at
Wed May 15 12:15:54 EDT 2002

Heya everyone,
  I have a question regarding an old techniqe I've heard of
before on the National Quattro List.  ATF is very Detergent of
course and I know some people will occasionally put some ATF in
their Engien for a bit (1/2 hour or hour) before an Oil Change
to clean up carbon deposits and then change the oil and filter
immediately afterwards.
  My question is how much do you use (I was guessing .5 - 1.0
quarts but I dont know.  And what are the negatives associated
with it.  I can see the one possible negative outcome being the
possibility of dislodging a large deposit and plugging an oil
Galley.  But the filter should catch all the deposits but if a
deposit lodged into a Crank journal that would be trouble.
  Since I have owned my Land Rover (I know, its not an Audi)
driving it hard and using nice gas has really improved how it
runs.  So I'm hoping that maybe a little internal cleaning and a
shot of Techron in the Gas will help it out a bit more.  IF
nothing other than just cleaning up the insides of the
accumulated CRAP.
  Anyhow, just though I'd run it by the list.

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