1.8T in 4kq

josh Wyte josh_wyte at yahoo.com
Wed May 15 13:06:38 EDT 2002

A simple chip upgrade on a 1.8T that had 150hp yields
around 190-200 hp.  For more you need to do a turbo
upgrade.  For $1600 you can get the K04 turbo and
240hp and 265ft lbs of torque.

The Stage 3 kit yields 300 hp NOT 550hp!!!  The only
1.8T that'll kick out that much hp is one that's been
seriously modified with a humongous turbo, internal
work, etc and is likely a very unstreetable motor.

Regardless the 1.8T seems to be every bit as stout as
the 16v motors of VW days past.  Yes, timing belts are
a problem, but they are on any multi valved motor.
I've got over 70k miles on my K04 equipped 1.8T with
NO motor issues at all.


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