20V/I5 Ac Issues

Andrew Duane USG duane at hunch.zk3.dec.com
Thu May 16 08:58:18 EDT 2002

Hairy green toads from Mars made Christopher Gharibo say:

> The car is a '91 CQ 20V with 90k miles.
> Starting with an empty system, I put 4oz oil and about 500gms of R12.
> The AC first put out super cold air. The next day, the air is only a little
> bit cool. The compressor is engaging for 2 seconds every 10 seconds.
> Do I have a leak or do I just need more freon? Or, you just cant tell?

The sticker under the hood should say how much freon the system
takes. I don't remember, but I think it was more like 1KG, not
500gm total.

If the coldness decreases, you probably have a leak though.
If there is insufficient charge, it won't run right at all.
Not work for a day then "spend" itself.


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