Funky A4q sunroof problem

Brett Dikeman brett at
Thu May 16 23:17:23 EDT 2002

At 6:08 PM -0700 5/16/02, Ti Kan wrote:
>KAMMLER1 at writes:
>>  > Anyone know what the problem is with some of these late 90's
>>A4/A6 and even
>>  > VW sunroofs that automatically open while you are driving? I
>>just had an A4
>>  > customer that complained of this, yet while it was in the shop we found
>>  > nothing unusual. Any info is greatly appreciated!
>>  >
>>  > Rolf Mair
>>  My '98 A41.8Tq did this too! Usually it would happen when I set the knob to
>>  close the sunroof. It would close, but then open again. More than twice, I
>>  wondered if I had imagined trying to close it!
>>  ...
>>  It seems logical to me that it might have something to do with the drivers
>>  doorlock window/sunroof opening feature.
>Except that the doorlock window opening feature does not apply to the
>sunroof.  It's only supposed to close it.  My guess is that somehow
>the pinch-protection feature is being triggered.

Well, given that sunroofs on Audis are infamous for needing a lot of
TLC if you want them to close in the same century... :-)

I agree with Ti, sounds like the other car(not Rolf's customer's car)
thinks it's pinching something.

As for Rolf's problem...?

(just got through cleaning up the sunroof yesterday!)
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