Valve Guides

Pat Korach tm2 at
Thu May 16 09:22:03 EDT 2002


I redid one of my Audi heads that had the guides with shoulders.
The replacement guides I got from TPC had no shoulders.  I just made
sure that when I replaced them I pressed them in the same distance as
the old ones.  Prior to pressing them in I had them in the freezer for a few
They seem to go in alot easier.

Hope this helps

Pat Korach
Kirkland, WA

Steve Ensch wrote:

> I am about to tackle the task of replacing my valve stem seals and guides on
> my 90 5cyl 10v.  I was told to use the viton type seals.  The valve guides
> they have for replacement are either regular or the shoulder type.  What are
> peoples experience on replacing valve guides?  Are the shoulder type used
> for replacement and if I find out that they were used previously do I have
> to continue to use them.
> Thanks in advance.
> Steve

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